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Your Pet Is Safe With Me

Pet Care Beyond Compare 

Cuddle N Snuggle Pet Care, LLC is all about making sure your pooch gets the care they need even when you’re not there. Explore the scope of my services and feel free to contact me for inquiries. My services are available to pet owners in Queens, Nassau County and parts of Suffolk.

Services Include: 

Pet Sitting

I provide pet sitting services in the privacy of your own home or mine. This service is available to clients in Queens, Nassau County, and parts of Suffolk County.

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Dog Walking

I offer 15- and 30-minute dog walks in areas from Whitestone to the surrounding areas of Roslyn.

Drop-In Visits

We do drop in visits for dogs and cats and other animals you may have. I do 30-minute visits to clients from Whitestone to Roslyn. These visits include feeding, playtime, and walks

Additional Services

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  • Nail Clipping

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  • Anal Gland Expression

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  • Assistance With Injections (Subcutaneous Fluids and Other Types of Medication)

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